To my fellow Wandering Neighbors,14292301_10208731253652253_8775658325144974110_n

Yes, you are now a neighbor of the Wandering House. This is a place; a place to learn, a place to wonder, a place to ask, a place to tell, a place to listen: I have not yet climbed the highest of rocks, I have not dove into the deepest of water, I have not met all to know, I have not experienced all to see; though I have seen magnificent sights, I have experienced places of true happiness, I have met people whom I grew to love, I have listened to stories that have changed my life. This is the place where all this will continue and more. Unapologetically, I am who I am, and where you are to experience my world, my thoughts, my ideas, and my wanderings at your own choice.  Welcome to my Wandering House. 

My name is Kelsey Hershenhouse and I am the owner of this fine work in progress, if I do say so myself. My goal with The Wandering House is to be real. I am a real person going through the motions and moments in my life. I am not trying to make my world look perfect and pretty, in fact, it is far from it. I think most peoples’ lives are messy and beautiful all at the same time. I am talking about my own experiences and the truth that I face each day. I think a lot, like a lot, a lot. My mind is constantly turning with ideas and questions. I like to have a bit of organization, so I have categorized my posts into different series: Life, Thoughts, Travel, and Architecture. There may be more to come, yet these are the broad ideas I like to inspect.

I like to pose questions, and then answer them all at the same time. Sometimes I do not have an answer for a question and it is left up to your own interpretation and thought. I am here to wonder, question, inspect, nitpick, sass, and answer the occurrences of my own experiences. Authenticity is key for a goal in my writing, I write what I know or what I am curious about, and never from someone else’s point of view. I may not be right occasionally, and I think that is okay because we are all human. So be a human with me, and wander around the site as you please. Check back regularly for updates and (shameless plug) follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and like the Facebook Page that are all connected to the icons at the bottom of the page. Click on the contact page to se001nd questions or thoughts about your own wanderings, anytime!