Thoughts: Intentional “Me” Time

I’m back! It has been a bit since I checked in and had some time to sit down to put my thoughts together. Taking time to adjust to my new life has stolen a lot of creative energy away from the time I would like to dedicate to writing and spending a bit more time on my own intentions. The past few months have been filled with work, work, and more work. While I am enjoying the exponential learning curve I am having in medical devices and in the healthcare industry, it has taken over the focus of my life. I am dedicated to my career, and now is the time in my life to have this tenacity I feel around developing my career path. I am rising to the challenges I face, and learn from the mistakes I endure.

I am lacking in the time I take to focus on the things I enjoy doing outside of work. I did not appreciate the time I had in college to just have some “me” time. Going to class four or six hours a day and then working an internship or two was nothing compared to working 60 plus hour weeks. I am exhausted each night and collapse into bed. I still have all the ideas spinning through my head, yet the energy to actually acknowledge them has just not been present.

Now, I am better adjusted to work and I am living back in Chicago (I just moved into my new apartment last weekend!) I am making a conscious effort to spend more time doing the things I enjoy. I am setting a goal to check in here at least once a week! I am also getting into a more solid workout routine, meal prep schedule, and cello playing habit. All those things I have let slip the past few months and it is about time I reclaim what makes me happy. It is important to recognize when certain things you enjoy disappear for a while, so then you take it for what it is and change it. I am changing it up and promising myself to create this intentional time to enjoy the world around me.

Going along with the idea of enjoying the world, I am excited to share my next traveling adventure to Japan! I will be exploring all around the country with an amazing friend who is teaching English as a second language. He has been there for two years already so we have a running list of things to do and places to go. Stay tuned for some tips and tricks on how I plan my trips!


One thought on “Thoughts: Intentional “Me” Time

  1. This is wonderful! I’m glad you’ve been able to get back to the things that matter to you most. I too struggle with allowing my work to crush the will to create out of me. Finding the balance has been hard for me but I will no longer allow myself to neglect the things about me that I cherish most. I look forward to reading all about your travels to Japan! I’m so excited for you!


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