Life: Finding New Balance

I must forewarn you that I am no expert on this topic. I thought I knew a thing or two about finding time to keep up with everything I enjoy, yet there is a monumental difference in mastering this postgrad. While in school I had some extra time, and I filled it with many hobbies and enjoyments: playing cello, creating projects, taking on career opportunities, managing classwork, and starting this, The Wandering House. I even found the time while working internationally over the summer to continue with it all, and add to my interest repertoire.

Since immersing myself in to the corporate world, something I did not envision for myself if I think about it at this time last year, I am finding a challenge keeping a balanced work and personal life. I am loving my new position. It is challenging, innovative, and I can see myself rising throughout my career within the work and industry I am in. I am thriving in the work I am doing. I learn new strategies in my way of thinking and executing tasks everyday. No day is the same, and I was wrong when I thought there was no variability when it came to the corporate world. I proudly confess that I was thinking about it all wrong, and I am glad I found my perception to fail, and reality to be so much better. That being said, it makes my 12 hour days fly by, yet by the end of it all I find myself having time for dinner, a quick workout, and then I hit the pillow completely exhausted at 9:30pm. I still want to feel like myself outside of work even as I find myself inside work. That being said here are a few goals I am setting for myself in an attempt to create balance as I continue to adjust to this new part of life:

  1. Taking up lessons- I have already scheduled my first cello lesson with one of my past cello instructors. I want to keep up with my skill and it is a great way for me to wind down after a long day. It automatically relaxes me and I can express more of my creativity. I may also take up piano more, as I currently have several tabs open with piano purchasing recommendations!
  2. Weekend trips- I feel a new series coming on! I am going to be planning a monthly trip hopefully starting this upcoming year. As much as I like to travel, it may be difficult to take a week here and a week there off from work. So I want to make the most of my weekends and plan small weekend trips with packed activities. If anyone has recommendations, comments are always welcomed!
  3. Continue writing- Writing is extremely important to me and I enjoy sharing my experiences and thoughts with you all. I want to make more conscious time to keep writing and maintaining The Wandering House.
  4. Spending time with friends- This a another important value I hold, connecting with people and maintaining those relationships. Whether it is my life time best friend or someone I just met, I want to make sure I am taking the time to build those connections. Not being in school and having a common place to meet and catch up is a bit of an adjustment. Gone are the days meeting in the quad or going out Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday. It is now making the conscious time to enjoy friendships.
  5. Learning new things- I want to continue learning about things I am interested in. From languages to art, I am consistently searching for new information. I am signing up for a few online classes and my company has fantastic career development classes that are offered for excel, business strategy, and even learning to organize your life.

My next challenge is to use my time wisely and still make time for a few “me moments,” which is just as important as these goals listed. I think it will take some time to adjust, all this may come with time to plan and get to know my new lifestyle. I am going to be alert and focused so I am sure to incorporate as much as possible into this new found adventure. Also, get ready for a brand new series, Review! When I go to new restaurants, events, or exhibits, I will write all about the experience and you can keep wandering on too.


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