Life: The Infamous Job Search

Its been a bit! Partially due to a bout of writer’s block and also due to readjusting to life back home. The whole postgrad-being-at-home role has not been an easy transition. There were days I would simply do nothing just because there really wasn’t anything to do. It was brain draining. This is the first time since I was 16 that I have not worked a consistent job. I love to work and finding my next role has been more challenging than I expected. In an ideal world, I would have had a role all lined up for when I came back from Israel, and it turns out that most companies are willing to do a phone or Skype interview, yet they really want to meet you in person as well. I am also partial to meeting in person too, so on both ends I could not in good conscious accept an offer without going into the workplace and meeting people face to face.

I looked at this time to search as a mini vacation. I took my time over the summer to immerse myself in work and then travel before settling back here in the northern suburbs of Chicago. It is my first official big move back home since my freshman year of college. Many of my friends either moved back home, had to relocate for their job or just extended their lease until they settled into a new role. For me, the only option I had was to come back home since Jerusalem played home for a few months and I came back. With this fresh experience in mind and a new perspective on the work I wanted to do after my experience, I made a list of what I wanted from my next role:

  1. A business centric position- as much as I enjoyed my time working at the non-profit company and coordinating a fantastic women’s summit for people all over the world to benefit from, I knew I needed a role where I use more of my strategic thinking, analytical, and developmental mindset skills. I am great with new ideas and I enjoy getting into the nitty gritty things of a project,
  2. An established, corporate player-  from previous internship experience I know I like structure. It is one of the main things that helps me feel productive and where I feel the most growth for me as a business woman, so I wanted a role that emphasized a more structured environment where I can really see the progress that is happening.
  3. A marketing role- I love marketing, it’s what I studied in school and what I know best as far as my experience thus far goes. I enjoy the creative portions from product management, development, and strategy as well as the amount of skill development one may see as they progress through marketing roles.
  4. Global business potential- I want to work for a global company. From my experience and my travel tendencies, I am passionate about working across cultures. The potential to travel for work must be a factor of a potential position.
  5. A mission oriented company- coming back to the corporate world, I knew I needed to find a workplace where there are central values that help guide the business conducted throughout the company. It is important to be working for a mission and it helps me to resonate with the work I do each day.

All that being said, my search was very refined. I only picked companies where I knew I would get the majority of these factors. I usually knew from each interview and from talking with people on the teams I may be part of whether or not it would be a place I would thrive in. That being said I was picky, very picky, which made my search even harder. Some people encouraged me to broaden my search, yet when I did, I found my interviews to be a let down. I found myself asking questions that hiring managers did not even know themselves. I felt a large disconnect and I became discouraged about three weeks in.

Now, I have been home about eight weeks, two of those weeks I was recovering from an infection I caught abroad. So half way into my job search I found myself unmotivated and downright angry that nothing was sticking. I gave myself the benefit of the doubt, and I didn’t quite even when I simply could not open another job posting notification email, which are helpful now and then. I took a day, drove out to the woods with my puppy, and cleared my head.

I set my limits, no “just-because” applications because I was not going to be satisfied anyways, and I made a list of people to reach out to who I knew would be more than happy to help me get a leg up on any job application: past professors, friends, and a few extended family members. I also made a list of target companies, that I would check their career pages every day to see if any new positions came around that matched my skills and experience.

I was scrolling though my emails with my job notifications and came across a position. It matched all my priorities and the company was on my list. I sent in my application right away and heard back from the HR department three days later. I was invited for a phone interview and then an in person interview. I completed both and then was the time to wait. I love going on interviews, I get a particular thrill from it. I know I am am introverted person, yet the prospect of getting to know someone one-on-one is exciting and exactly the kind of meeting scenario I enjoy. I get to know the person and they get to know me. It is all about having a genuine conversation. I say if you can make that happen then you are all set, given you have the right credentials.

It was two weeks before I heard anything back, I thought, a week into it, I didn’t get it and I was crushed, like not just a little, but moping around thinking my life was done kind of crushed. I would get over a breakup faster than I would not getting a job, sorry not sorry. Low and behold though, one of the team members was out of town and that second week I was offered the position. I was also dabbling in a few other offers. I knew that from the final interview that this was it. If there was a true love for a job this is how it would feel. So I am glad to say that after about two months ya girl is employed and life is good. Are you having some job struggles? Do you need a resume update? I love doing those! Are you unsure of what to do next? Send me a message or leave a comment. I think a lot of people go through this so it is beneficial to learn from each other.


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