Thoughts: One Year with The Wandering House

This is the day, a year ago, I published The Wandering House for everyone to see. It was a time of immense vulnerability, courage, ideas, passions, and experiences that became the posts I share with you, my readers. I have learned a lot within the year in marketing ideas, different topics to post about, how to edit more in depth, taking better photos, and I have pushed bounds in my own sharing capacities as well. I started off telling you that I am not much of a sharer and that I like to keep things to myself, yet The Wandering House has helped to expand my limits and share pieces of me and my world.

I give a lot of thought into everything I write. Sometimes I have lulls in my creative juices and other times the ideas never stop. In my drafts, I probably have 20 plus pieces I have started to write and never really got back to because I either stopped having something productive to say or something else grabbed my attention and I did not get back to it. I think that is the wonder of writing. I can start to think about something, write down the idea and maybe a title, then sometimes I experience drop off, stop, and then revisit. I think this process is helpful for the art of thinking. Sometimes taking a break is good, other times the words cannot fly out faster onto the page. Usually, if I am writing something that is emotional or that I am in the moment experiencing, the post gets done in an hour, editing and all. I never knew how much I could express myself in such a way, and so quickly. I always thought that I needed time to mull things over, yet some of the best times I processed an experience was turning right to the keyboard and writing about what I felt in that exact moment. Those are the times where I feel like my truest self here. Everything here is very authentic, I assure you, yet some pieces I feel in a much deeper way.

The Wandering House is my passions, ideas, hopes, thoughts, and experiences all tangled into my current line of series. You read as I went through the process of Peace Corps and career endeavors, you listened when I thought about relationships and friendships, and you even vicariously travel with me as I explore new places. I do not just share this for show, I think that the idea of spreading awareness, experience, and lessons learned helps to make anyone a more fully rounded person. Hence, I create a space to do just that, share it all with you.

So thank you for a wonderful year of fun, intense, interesting, and thought provoking words; another wandering year is now here!


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