Life: Envisioning Expat

As I spend more and more time working abroad, I am growing into this train of thought of what it would be like to continue like this for my future roles. When I think about it, I envision a life of hard work, adventure and never being bored, which are really my top requirements when thinking about a new experience. Israel is quite the place to start off in. I enjoy walking down my street to work each day coming into an old mansion turned office and sitting down to do meaningful work for Jewish students across the world. I have a solid balance of work time and play time where I am able to explore and immerse myself in the culture around me. It is revitalizing when I walk down a street and just take a moment to appreciate being in a new place and truly thriving in it.

Thinking about what I may be doing next is also just as exciting as well as daunting. I will keep the plan under wraps for now until its official, yet it will also involve moving to another country for a longer period of time. It is exciting, and I will continue to do work for people and countries who need it most. Do you ever have that feeling that something is just meant for you? Well, working in other countries to help others through my developing skills seems to be for me, I feel it. It is a consistent thought in my head and whenever I start to think about it, I have a sense of excitement and determination. I said before that I want an international career, so here I am.

There are of course some aspects of being international that are challenging. Family is my number one value and it is difficult being away from them. It makes it tolerable to know what they are willing to cooperate with as well as what they feel towards our communications arrangements. I FaceTime quite often and text several times a day. Communication is key in this lifestyle, and I think if communication was difficult and not as accessible, it would be something I would really struggle with to the point of it interfering with my passion I put into my work. The same goes with friends. After graduation, I just took off and now that I am across the ocean it can be difficult to stay in touch. I am definitely figuring out what works best. These blog posts help and the occasional text or FaceTime as well helps to close the connection gap.

Support is one of the most important things that works both ways. When a friend or family member reaches out to tell me about a fun thing they are doing or project they are working on, I can support them with advice and encouragement such as my brother telling me about college visits or my friend Jaimie asking me about wedding details. It is a comfort knowing I can still reach them from around the world. They do the same for me. When I am having a rough day, I know I can call someone up and just spend a few minutes with them to calm down and enjoy their company. Knowing that I have this is my main influencer to keep going forward in pursuing an international career, which it seems like this is just the beginning.


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