Travel: Tel Aviv Weekend

This past weekend I went to Tel Aviv, now that I am living here in Israel it is much easier to go from place to place and explore much more on some of my off time from work. Everyday is a new adventure. I keep discovering new places as well as meeting so many interesting people. My Hebrew is expanding, I can do most simple phrases, and I can count to 10 with confidence, not bad for a week and a half. A few friends and I decided to take the bus to Tel Aviv for the weekend. It is only an hour ride and very inexpensive. We  left Friday afternoon and spent the weekend at the beach.


Shabbat is a new tradition I have enjoyed observing the last few weekends. Most things in the city, more so in Jerusalem than in Tel Aviv, close down at sundown on Friday until about the same time Saturday. Cars are very infrequent on the streets, and most people can be found reading the parks or enjoying outdoor activities with their families. In Tel Aviv, more places are open and you can bet that most people are at the beach, which is where we went for the weekend. It was fun to just pickup and go! We found an Airbnb for the night and dropped our things off and headed straight for the sand.

The Mediterranean Sea is warm and inviting. We set up on the beach with our towels and lots of sunscreen. The sun is intense and you definitely need to come prepared to sustain for the day. I did very well, considering my fair skin. I missed the back of my neck for the last portion of the day so I am left today with the burnt results, yet otherwise I gain an army of freckles and a sun glow. We spent the day in and out of the water. The water has some jellyfish near the shores so we needed to keep our eyes open for their ghost appearance in the water.


After the beach we found some Thai food, which was a welcomed meal since we hadn’t eaten for a while and it was a nice change from the very Mediterranean diet we keep in Jerusalem. We then watched the sunset and walked along Rothschild Street, the main street in the city with lots of restaurants and public parks in between the streets.

It was the perfect weekend and we ended the night with chocolate feast at Max Brenner, a fun modern staple in the city.


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