Thoughts: First Impressions of International Work

It is an official week of being in Israel. Jerusalem is a wonderful city filled with history and liveliness. It is beyond no doubt that I will continue to enjoy my time here and the experience I have will be something that will set a foundation for the future. I started my work at the World Union for Jewish Students on Sunday, the work week is Sunday through Thursday, Shabbat is on Friday to Saturday. I am a Marketing Logistics Coordinator and it entails a variety of hats to wear from social media to event planning to coordination with over 70 countries and the unions in those specific places.

My main project for my time here is WUJS’s first ever women’s summit called, Kol Isha, which means voice of a woman. It is an event that will bring Jewish women from all over the world together to talk about being Jewish, the different opportunities and challenges that Jewish women face, and there will also be influential speakers who will be able to share their own insight as to how she has navigated the world while carrying on her Jewish identity. It is work that I am extremely passionate about and have a great deal to relate with.

For me, a main goal throughout the planning and organizing is to keep the perspective of what I would want to know as a Jewish woman. Having recently developed more of my Jewish identity I see several opportunities for women to engage with one another and share experiences and advice that everyone can either relate to or communicate other experiences that will add on to the topics that are discussed.

Apart from this amazing project, I am adjusting to the new work environment. I was in my previous role in community and government relations for a little over a year, so I am taking my time to get to know the Israeli work culture as well as the work culture of the company. I am excited to learn from the team I work with and gain the experience of working in an international environment.

My overall goal is to have an international career. If I were to name a dream job right now it would be being an Executive Director for United Nations Women. Establishing this goal is very important for me because it gives me a direction and an area of work to establish myself in and really dig deep into how I can do better and innovate more for the populations I serve, specifically women. I know this is the work I want to do, and I am already seeing that I am on the right track to where I will be in the future.


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