Life: Initial Adjustments 

On top of graduating and being sent out into the world, quite literally in my case, I have come across a few challenges as I start this new journey. My time is completely consumed with travel and setup here in Jerusalem, on top of the fact that I am still letting this amazing accomplishment of graduation settle in. 

I knew it was going to be quick, the change from university life and then hopping on a plane the very next day to start my international career. I love Israel and everything it has to offer. I think the culture is rich and historical and I know that it is easy for me to thrive in such situations. I love the feel of Jerusalem, the people I am meeting, as well as my routine that I am starting to establish. However, it is different and in the past I have proven to be flexible and dynamic with change, and here it’s no different yet there are still a few things that I need to resolve and overcome as I continue to adjust. 

Lost baggage. Literally, I am a day and a half in  and I only have a carry on bag and a tote bag. Granted it is better than nothing, yet I would be fantastic for my things to turn up. I was lucky to think about packing a few things in my carry on as a just in case scenario were to happen, as it has, and I have main things with me like my laptop, phone, chargers, and whatnot. Yet I would really like my wardrobe back. If worse comes to worse, then a shopping trip will be in order. Hopefully will have my things back in a quick manner. 

Surrounding knowledge. I like to know where I am going. The task of consistently having to pull up a map to know where I am trying to go is a bit frustrating and especially when the directions are wrong it can be even more so. I consider myself a very aware person and I know I will get the hang of finding my way around soon by practice and repetition. This is always the fun side of new adventures, so I am going to keep that mindset when I start to feel frustrated. 

Language barriers. Hebrew is not a hard language to learn when speaking it, but reading it is a whole other situation. I was trying to buy shampoo and conditioner last night and I had to find contextual clues on the bottle that would tell me if it was shampoo or not. Luckily, most people speak English and I was able to ask if I had the right things, but I also do not enjoy being clueless or thought as such an “American” not that it’s a bad thing but because I want to understand and live the Israeli culture as much as possible while I am here. Not to worry, I have already started my Hewbrew lessons on Duolingo, a great app for learning languages, and I have a bunch of YouTube videos to help as well. 

Again, it is nothing I cannot handle. It is all just “growing pains” in a sense. Jerusalem is a wonderful city and I am so excited to start my work here. More updates to come. Here I will also share a word in Hebrew so maybe we can learn together a bit. Lots of אהבה (ah- hah- vah) (love)


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