Thoughts: Disconnect to Connect

I am sitting here in the South Garden of the Art Institute of Chicago and I haven’t touched my phone until this very thought popped into my head. As I enjoy the sun’s presence today in this garden all I see are people glued to the screens of their mobile devices: phones, tablets, laptops etc. There are a few people reading and drawing yet the majority of people are completely oblivious to the space they are in. What is so wrong with disconnecting for a few minutes, how about an hour? Is that email or post really that important that we can’t take a few minutes to just breathe and be present within ourselves? Maybe, but I think not.

Connecting is just as important as disconnecting and if we take a bit of a deeper dive into what connection really entails we may just stumble upon a reality we ignore too much. We are so immersed into our social and digital world that we rarely seem to take inventory of our own “feed,” if you will. How am I feeling, how present am I in this moment, how much am I really thinking about and what can I put aside? If we take more intentional time for ourselves rather than ignoring our personal states then maybe we will find ourselves more connected then ever before. It is important to stay informed extrinsically yet it is just as important and maybe more to start informed intrinsically too.

Knowing yourself is a great way to stay grounded. I think that is my key to sticking to the values and ethics I uphold everyday. Take some time to get to know yourself. Reflect, I say that it is okay to be a bit disconnected with everything else for a while if you are taking time for your own well being and development. So put that screen down, and get comfortable with being in your own space, mind, and inner self.


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