Thoughts: Passion > Salary

Over the past few weeks I have been working on solidifying what I am pursuing after graduation. Throughout interviews and getting to know companies, I have felt something missing. Whether it was in the mission, the product, the line of work, I have been hovering over the general complacency of an entry level position and I have encountered the space of being unsettled with settling. I understand that there are a vast variety of interesting positions to choose from that would be considered an amazing opportunity along with a very comfortable salary. I have never been more sure of anything else throughout this process: I need to be more than interested and money is not my main priority. I need to be passionate about the next step I take in life and I am just not finding it in the conventional way.

I had this revelation and maybe I should have figured it out sooner, yet better late than never, I am not going to find the unconventional position I am looking for in the conventional searching methods. I am going to keep finding these positions that I am just not attached to in any way whatsoever. I know I am picky, and maybe that is making this process all the more difficult, yet I think it is worth it. If I have to go to a job everyday sit down at a desk and be expected for whatever is on my screen to consume me for the day, then I think I would rather stick my head in the sand until I find something better to do because that would be the equivalent to how I would feel at that desk. Some may say that I am getting paid, yet honestly that is not my number one concern. I know that when I find something that I am passionate about then wealth will come in more than one way of return.  This is not to say that I expect to be up and moving all parts of my day, yet if I am working behind a screen for a while then I want it to be for something purposeful. Money is only part of a position. I want to additionally be thinking about a greater purpose through my work.

I know many things in life have purpose and that all positions have a purpose to serve in our commercialized world today. What I am looking for is to break that commercialized job and go into more of the social part of our world. I am passionate about ideas, innovations, missions, cultures, people, and connections. I know that is a vast and generalized list, yet finding something that incorporates these concepts into what I do is essential. I do not have a nice way to wrap up this thought up and say that everything is going to be okay and it will figure itself out because that is just not the case. Finding something like this takes work and time to build. I think it may be more of a lifestyle and one of those things that refers to the idea of creating a life that you do not have to differentiate between work and what you love. I know the first step is to start somewhere and through experience, which may just be the unconventionality I need, I will find the next step and so forth. With that I am excited to continue my wanderings in Israel for three months after graduation working in Jerusalem with a social venture that I will introduce more in the coming weeks.  Some questions I am asking myself as I think beyond this coming experience include what am I hoping to get out of this experience? What are my options for next steps? How do I immerse myself more into what I am passionate about? These questions are on a reel for me and I have a variety of ideas on how to answer them. What are your thoughts as they pertain to you or from experience? I invite you to comment your thoughts and keep wandering along with me.


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