Life: Optimistic Outlooks

It has taken me a bit of time to reflect and think about what I want to write for this post. It is difficult to say, yet I am not dwelling on it: I was not offered a position with the Peace Corps. I would like to say I saw it coming, yet I did not. It seemed like I did everything right and ultimately they did not pick me. My world flip flopped for a brief moment and I took a day to just have some thoughts to myself. I focused on what I needed to do for the day and took it minute by minute. I know I have a tendency to think about the future along with what I am currently doing, yet I just needed to focus on the now. This mindset I put myself in for the day flipped me right back to my feet. I felt solid and whole, even though I felt like I completely missed or failed to reach my mark.

I saw it as a complete failure at first, (don’t worry I know I titled this post optimistic outlooks, I’ll get there.) What did I do wrong? After seeking some advice from my mentors and reaching out to a friend, I came to the conclusion: nothing, I did nothing “wrong,” it is the fact that it just was not the right time. I know spring is one of the most competitive seasons to go through the application process and I know that there were only 10 spots available in Timor Leste. To say that I made it to the final round, I concluded, is an accomplishment in itself. I am happy to have the experience under my belt and I enjoyed the opportunities I had while going through the process of the application. Going to Georgetown, promoting Peace Corps on campus, attending Returned Peace Corps talks, connecting with my mentor Patrick, and building a strong relationship with my professor who encouraged me to pursue this all from the start, I regret nothing. Peace Corps is not a one time opportunity, in fact I am starting to work on the application for the next round of applications. I will continue to engage with my passion for helping others and I know Peace Corps will fit in my journey when it is meant to be.

Being me, I took my time to reflect, and I am now in full on job search mode. I have a few opportunities on my horizon, yet I am still looking into further options. It is not 100% certain, but an opportunity I am incredibly excited for is a position in Israel for the summer. There will be more developments with this in the next few weeks, and I will update with any news. As a main takeaway from this post, I am not a quitter and I do not give up, so this is definitely not the end of Peace Corps, nor pursuing my passion for helping others and experiencing other parts of the world. I am excited for what is to come and I encourage anyone who has experienced a bit of a bump in the road to pick yourself up and look to the goodness ahead, there is always something worth smiling about.


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