Thoughts: Show some love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it is a Hallmark holiday, yet I think it is significant enough to be recognized. I enjoy Valentine’s Day whether I celebrate with family, friends, or a special someone, I like the idea of having a specific day where I can day dream and have a lovey glow about myself. I think the world can always use a bit more love and February 14th allows us to have that intentional time to let the love out.

I know it is winter and some days seem so gloomy and gray, yet today is a day to schlep out of the winter blues and take in some good vibes. When I was younger, I loved to give out Valentine’s Day treats. People I would rarely speak to would come up to me around Valentine’s Day and ask if they can have one of my coveted treats. I would bring them to school in a basket and pass them out throughout the day. They were just chocolate candy molded into hearts and roses. Very simple. I would spend the day before melting chocolate and then making at least 100 to pass out throughout the day. I saved some for friends, teachers, coaches, family, and then everyone else. This day I wanted to make sure everyone felt some sense of connection, small, yet significant. Sharing has never been my strong suit, but I have always felt a compelling nature to share a sense of love.

As I have experienced a bit more of life and love since my chocolate making days, I have learned that love is not always an easy thing to share. It goes beyond giving a small treat. It takes strength, honesty, compassion, and trust. Whether that is experiencing a new relationship, dealing with loss, or continuing a connection certain points of life impact the way we love. For a while, I always looked at love in a relationship as being something further down the road. I did not think I was ready nor was I capable of loving someone aside from those whom I love already. I closed myself off to that idea and would wonder from time to time why I have not found someone to share more of myself with. I would quickly brush it to the side and continue with whatever was my primary focus. I did not seek out this sense of connection with someone, and I was okay with it. I think I still continue to have this more passive feeling towards the idea of love as I enter my adult life. I know it is something I eventually want, yet I have not had the aha! moment where I know for certain. I am in a developing phase of my life where things move quickly, and love is not something I want to take my time with. I love lots of places, experiences, moments, and ideas, yet I know that it is not the same kind of love we think about on Valentine’s Day.

Even though I am uncertain of where I am in my own love escapades. I am hopeless when it comes to a good love story. It may be a bit of vicarious experience, but I am perfectly happy listening or reading about an exceptional love. Some of my favorites come from a compilation of love letters, Love Letters of Great Men, Vol. 1. I find it incredibly romantic to read a love letter (or have one written to you.) It brings about this sense of soul and inner thoughts and feelings that may not even be explained yet you can feel them through the words that are written. The pressure in writing, the loops of letters, the way he or she addresses you, the way he or she signs the closing. Ludwig Beethoven writes his letter to Josephine and the closing sends shivers down my spine:

Be calm — love me — today — yesterday.

What longing in tears for you — You — my Life — my All — farewell. Oh, go on loving me — never doubt the faithfullest heart

Of your beloved


Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever ours.

(Ludwig Beethoven, 7 July 1812)

With this I leave you all for now. Fill your hearts with a little luster today and put on something pink or red, even if it is just a swipe of lipstick or a bow-tie. Enjoy the love 🙂




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