Life: Peace Corps Update

Wow, what an experience! I just finished my final interview in the Peace Corps application process. I was nervous, let me tell ya. I think that no matter how much I know and how passionate I am about service, I was still going to feel this sense of ambiguity. I know things happen for a reason, yet I want Peace Corps to fit into this reason. I know I was able to convey my ideas well, and I may have been a bit flustered at some points, yet I know I have the experience and passion to reflect my true affinity for the Peace Corps’ mission.

I want this. I know its a simple statement, yet it is true. I have not wanted something like this for a long time. I feel this sense of calling. I have this old Eight-Ball in the back of my closet at home, you know the ball you shake and ask it a question you want to know the outcome of? Yes, that thing. I can barely read the sayings anymore through all the bubbles and faded liquid inside, but I will take all the effort to figure it out. It has never been wrong, like ever. If you ask it a question, the answer is the most real answer you will ever get. It is a serious thing and I totally believe in it. Call me delusional and say that a little piece of plastic cannot predict the future, but it has yet to fail me. My mom went to the closet and asked it two questions: is Kelsey going to the Peace Corps? It answered most definitely. She asked it in turn, will Kelsey be safe in the Peace Corps? It answered, without a doubt. There we have it. I take this as serious signs, all. I can be as critical as I want about how the interview went, yet it is now just a waiting game. The MOST tantalizing waiting game of my LIFE!

March 1st is my date, the date I should know something. I could find out sooner, and trust me, this is where you will be one of the firsts to know. All in all, I am incredibly honored to have this experience and I cannot believe how much I learned throughout this process. My mentors, Patrick, Professor L, Michael, and my family and friends have all been integral parts in me continuing through this experience, and I thank you all greatly. The next post will be filled with lots of thoughts and what not, but most of all I will not be guessing, I’ll know.


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