Life: Chicago Days

I think I have this tendency of telling these stories of travel, life, and experience so often that sometimes it may seem so much like a narrative, rather than real life. Sure all these experiences, places, and thoughts are real, yet sometimes a reader may ask the question, who are you? Yes you can read my Purpose page, yet now I am giving you a peak into the world of Kelsey. It is raw all, let me tell ya. Most days I spend in Chicago, Illinois. I go to school here, I work here, I play here, I am here!  I am pretty quirky, yet I would not be Kelsey without all the little odds and ends.


My day may seem extreme to some or mundane to others, yet it is what it is. Sometimes I look in the mirror and accept that this is as good as it is going to get or I look and do a bit of a foot pop because I know I look boss. Most days I am up early for a swim workout at 5:30 am, other times I choose to stay in bed and save the workout until later…tomorrow. It is my second to last quarter of college and I am taking four classes, the norm for the university. I also work downtown everyday except Mondays, which is filled with classes for most of the day. I love to work. I get this thrilling sense when going up to the 19th floor of my building and greeting everyone in the office when I walk in. I have been working at my current job for eight months now and could not be happier. After work, sometimes I have another class to attend or I go back to Lincoln Park for a sorority event, campus activity, dinner with friends, or just a chill night back home.

On a pretty regular basis I have some signature spots you may be bound to find me at around Chicago. The West Loop has been my second home lately since I have been spending so much time over there. Brooklyn Boulders is a rock climbing facility, and I held an event there last Spring and have been itching to go back ever since, however, West Loop is most known for food. There is Au Cheval, Little Goat, Girl and the Goat, Duck Duck Goat (I am dying to go still!) and all the coffee shops in between. The West Loop is popping and I love to be part of it. The Allis at Soho House is another spot for me, you may catch me sipping on some earl grey and studying a bit of French or writing about the economic climate in Indonesia, a current project for class that I am working on. In the Loop, if I am not feeling as adventurous to take the Green Line, I am right across the street from the Cultural Center in Toni’s Cafe, it is French, and the food is fresh, and the atmosphere just puts me in a productive mood. I also enjoy Goddess and the Baker on Wabash or Franklin. another prime spot for a good lunch and pot of tea or Stumptown Coffee. Since having this coffee I have honestly boycotted Starbucks, the beans are burnt all the time. If Starbucks is the only option, then I get a London Fog Latte with coconut milk and only two pumps of vanilla, try it, it is pretty good for a quick drink fix. In Lincoln Park, 9 times out of 10 you can find me at Floriole. This is my place. It is also a French cafe, and it has this airy, relaxed vibe to it. It is perfect for group meetings or just sitting down to think about life for bit. They have amazing breads, soups, sandwiches, and if you get there early enough, their breakfast is perfect. The avocado toast is my signature along with early grey or a cortado, which ever caffeine fix I am in the mood for.


My food adventures happen often, yet I enjoy cooking as well. I love to make salmon, quinoa, fresh salads, and comfort food like my Mom’s lasagna. I sit back on couch I got from my grandma and indulge in a good book or my Netflix list, which includes A Series of Unfortunate Events, Shameless, The Blacklist, and Grey’s Anatomy if I am feeling nostalgic and want to relive the Derek Sheppard days, too soon? I also enjoy relaxing with my cello, just playing a familiar tune or dabbling in a new composition of my own. Music is my outlet. I always know what I am really feeling by the way I play. If it is rough and choppy, I know I have to start thinking about something that may be nothing me. If it is smooth and serene then I know I am doing just fine. In all, as long as I have air in my lungs, and I can put a smile on my face, I know it was a good day.




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