Life: Being Thankful

As the holiday season arrives and after I come to terms with how much I just ate, like a lot, and now sitting down to rest after a busy, trying quarter at school, I am realizing how much I have to be thankful for. I guess I do not remind myself as often as I should about all the people, experiences, and opportunities that have impacted my life thus far. Being thankful means, to me, looking to those aspects of life and knowing that I could not be where I am today without them. I experience the presence of love, family, friends, and resilience in my life everyday, and once in a while it is necessary to take a moment and give those things recognition. I think it humbles me, and reminds me of the wonderful life I am given. Even in the times where it does not seem all too bright, I have leaned on some people and things that are consistently in my life and make me the person whom I am today.

My family. I know I have emphasized how much they mean to me, yet I really remind myself how miraculous it is to have three other people in my life who whole-heartedly and unconditionally love me every single day no matter what. I am not the easiest person most days, yet they are here for it all. A visit, a call, a text, a FaceTime, and even the occasional hand written letter, they  are always with me. I am completely devoted to my family, we are strong, and each one of us make who we are. We are important, and we stay together always.

My education. Learning makes me feel alive. Reading, writing, debating some philosophical theory, you name it, it is all that drives me to learn and do more. My super power I always wish I could have is either to know and speak all languages, and/or be able to absorb information instantly. My education has made me inquisitive and wondrous. I will always have a question and then a follow up question because there will never be enough to know. Traveling also helps to fuel this drive, new places and people are the epitome of new learning experiences. My wanderlust will never dull because of this fact. I think that knowledge is the gate way to a sort of magic for the mind. There is so much to know and learn, and I am so thankful for the privilege and opportunity to do so.

I am incredibly thankful for my friends, without whom I would have to do many of things I love all by myself. They are some of my best inspiration and motivation to pursue new adventures. They are my counsels, adventurists, and coaches all in one. I value long lasting friendships and I can solidly say that those I think of as I write this are here to stay. I am also thankful for my teachers, mentors, and people I have met along the way. I may have not kept in touch with some of these people, yet they have definitely played a part to who I am. My 7th grade English teacher comes to mind, Mr. Grimes. I am not sure where he is right now, but I remember him pulling me aside one day after class to hand me a list of over 100 writing prompts and he told me to never stop putting my words and thoughts onto paper. I never stoped since. I am thankful for the people in my life who came and went; I learned strength, trust, the value of self-worth, and resilience, not all was bad, yet I am thankful that I know who I am, and who I need and do no need in my journey. Finally, I am thankful for hearing my alarm at 6:30am each morning, it may be a bit early most days, yet today is a day I have, and tomorrow is full of uncertainty. I take this day with stride and joy, always remembering who is right with me while cherishing the time here and now.



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