Life: 5 Tips for Self-Care

On the lists of things to do each day there can be a lot that may need to get done. From work, to families, to friends, and to other obligations, life can get overwhelming. Being the active person that I am, I tend to neglect how I am doing throughout all the mayhem that may occur in a day. Until recently I have taken a sparse amount of time to take care of myself, and pay attention to what I able to handle and what I need to save for another day. Self care helps improve motivation to get things done, it improves your approach towards different obligations, it improves outcomes of activities, and it helps you become more self aware of your own physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. The five following tips are still a work in progress and not yet perfected, yet seem to work out well for now:

  1. Plan a self-check in
    • Busy days are inevitable and mostly unavoidable, therefore by planning a time in the day where you commit yourself to just be with your own thoughts and emotions is the first step to better self-care. It could just be five minutes out of your day where you ask yourself how you feel, what kind of state of mind do you have, and how your body is functioning for the day.
  2. Take time to reflect
    • When you get home from a packed day make sure to remember to think about how you were during your check in. Why were you feeling the way you were? What made you stop and take the time to listen to yourself? What can you do to make a situation better? If you were feeling stressed try to find out the source, so that way when you may come across that situation again you may know how you would like to handle it better moving forward.
  3. Everyone has PMS
    • Physical, mental, and spiritual, PMS (haha get it out of the way). If you are short on time follow this guideline for a self check in. How are you doing physically? How are you mentally? Where are you spiritually? Each of these questions can go different ways for different people and that is the way it should be. For myself, I classify physical as how my body is functioning for the day: am I tired, do I have a lot of energy, am I moving at a normal speed? I classify mental as more of a feelings state of mind: am I stressed, frustrated, happy, confused, overwhelmed, underwhelmed. For me this is the most important part because I have a tendency to push what I am feeling aside and power through whatever it is that I need to do. I classify spiritual as more of a connection to my inner self and soul, it does not have to take a religious stance, yet if that is important to you, it is helpful to see where you are throughout the day with the connection that guides you in your decision making and overall conscious.
  4. Write it down
    • If you are intense in a moment and have a thought, idea, or emotion write it down; put it on the back burner for later. Thoughts can have a great consumption of time associated with them and can be burdensome throughout a busy day. Write it down and reflect on it later when you have more time.
  5. Me time
    • I am a prominent believer in me time. It is the time that you take for yourself to be with yourself and just be comfortable in your own head. I am a proud introvert, yet it does not matter your introversion or extroversion, it is the fact that you are getting to know yourself and being able to know when you do need self care. Make it a priority throughout your daily life, and you will be on a great path to learning to care for yourself.

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