Thoughts: When I Grow Up

When I was six, I had this absolute obsession with water, it seemed so simple, clear, and fun. I was fascinated with the ocean from our many family trips to the California coast to visit family and unwind from the business of life in the Chicago suburbs. I love the way water came so quickly on to the sand shores at the beaches by my aunt’s house. I would run after them as they receded and then retreat as they approached, it made tag seem so unappealing when I had an entire ocean to play with. It was somewhere between the back and forth game where I saw one, a dolphin. It was so majestic and beautiful; I would later learn that is was a Pacific White-sided dolphin, which have the black, grey, and white color palette. From that moment, being the curious adventurist I was and continue to be, I immersed myself in getting my hands on any piece of information about dolphins I could. I had a total of four sketch books filled with drawings and notes, mind you I was six years old and it was really just a continuing reel of questions I wanted answered. My parents promised that we would go to SeaWorld on our next trip, and I made sure I was prepared. I wanted to be a dolphin trainer for an entire two years and waited patiently for my chance to experience what it was like. We finally went to San Diego, California, and I got to see the dolphin show. They jumped, twirled, and splashed all around the tiny pool, which I found peculiar. After the show I went to pet the dolphins, and it clicked! Dolphins are not meant to be in tanks, and that was the end of my desire to be a dolphin trainer.

I always have known what I have wanted to do in some idea or aspect of my future. My realization that animals were hurt terribly in many establishments turned my interest to being a marine biologist. When my affinity towards animals grew less dominant to my affinity towards helping people I found myself wanting to be a doctor. I then discovered that I enjoyed drawing and that I could be an architect designing hospitals. I went back to doctor then back to architect, then to an aeronautical engineer because I liked the idea of being able to bring people to new places. In high school, my ideas became more compact. I discovered that I did not like math enough to deal with numbers in architectural design. I found my absolute loathing for physics, it may have been my teacher but I also knew I would not be happy calculating force and velocity hundreds of times a week. As many times as I changed my mind, I knew I needed to be creative and inventive. Senior year, I narrowed my college list and set my sights on being an English major. I could teach, write, publish, and innovate to develop a new perspective on the art of vernacular.

It was second to last trimester at my high school and I had an open class that I wanted to fill with something I have not explored yet, marketing. It was a basic class where I learned about the four P’s, consumers, different business structures, tools to create marketing materials, and markets around the world. Could I be creative? Check. Is it a lucrative field? Check. Can I incorporate what I already have an interest in? Check. And finally, could I see myself studying this for four years and learning about how to be a well-rounded businesswoman? Definitely check. I went home after the final in Spring, called my admissions counselor at the university as asked to switch my major to marketing. I already had all the prerequisites to go into the business school, and I became an official marketing student.

Once I set my sites on something I want to do, there is very little anyone can do to change this fact. I have stuck with marketing throughout my college experience and it has been a great decision I have made in my educational career. I have learned much about the business world, how to conduct myself in a professional way, critical thinking skills from first hand case experience, and how to think about marketing in the most advance levels through my specific program. I could go down my resume and list off the things that I have been able to experience and contribute to, it is impressive so I have been told, yet it is really just a piece of paper. Nobody will know my passion for marketing and creating a changing business world until they actually experience me in action. I want to have an impact and I want to create a mindset in business that is focused on innovation while not forgetting the population of people who do not have the resources to experience these great feats that are accomplished. I want to be with people and for the people from all different backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, and identities. I know my marketing skills will be the foundation for everything that I have in my future. Persistence, this is what makes these words become reality. I am dedicated to everything I set my mind to, and I do not let anyone stop me. People will tell you no and turn away from ideas that may change the world, yet it is up to us-the innovators, logicians, and leaders- to listen to each other. We are able create a more inclusive world and become a place where ideas can flourish and grow. You have no limits, so explore and create as much as you can. Have questions and be inquisitive, this is the source to growing knowledge. That is how I started. I had a teacher in sixth grade tell me in the middle of math class that I asked too many questions, and I promptly asked in spite, “So what is too many?”


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