Thoughts: Measuring Success

I think many of us have had the thoughts, “What am I going to do next?” “How am I going to get there?” “How have I measured my success in the past?” “What makes me push my self to the next step of success?” These are difficult questions to ask yourself, yet they are also necessary in order to start thinking about the next move in life. Success is an arbitrary entity to measure. Each person has their own way of thinking about success and the way to achieve it. It may be by asking questions, it may be exploring different opportunities, and it may be taking a leap and jumping feet first into something unexpected and new. Some may not know what success embodies in their own experience, and that is okay because it may be a work in progress that will lead to an accomplishment in the future. It may also be the fact that success does not have to have a particular direction or plan. It may happen from a series of events, learnt experiences, and people who influence you along the way, and this is one of the most impactful movements of success to achieve.

Connections, we make them every day. Whether it is with the time on your clock to move you to one place to another, the train to work, the paper to turn in for a project, your significant other, or with another person by a simple smile. It may seem like a glamorization of interaction, yet it is all significant in a certain capacity. A potential client may value the fact that you are on time for the appointment, a professor will appreciate the effort taken for the assignment to be completed, and that smile may be the first happy face a person has seen all day. Each of these connections have the significance of making a difference within others’ experiences, which happens to be the main connection I make to success within my own personal measurement.

To know me further, an aspect to know is that I do not consider myself an extroverted person when it comes to meeting new people. However, I am an avid connector, which is different in the fact that I enjoy building connections with people rather than having a few minute conversations. I would rather have a substantive conversation with a person rather than have an empty conversation for show. Each conversation I have has intention; it has a purpose because this is where I find passion within myself through others. With passion, I am able to pursue my next steps in my intentions for my future. Passion is allowed to change and so it does often, yet making the connections to what you are passionate about through different encounters is a main idea of keeping on a track to an ultimate making of impact and difference in the world, at least for me. A thought and pursuit of success is always in the back of my mind, and these are my initial thoughts on the origin of my own drives for success, and creating a difference for the present and future of those I am able to establish trust with for a significant time.


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