Life: 10 Tips

As someone who has paved a significant path through life thus far, I consider myself an avid advice giver. Many friends, people I work with, and peers come to me wanting my opinion. I am happy to give my opinion, yet I take my words seriously and like to know all aspects of a situation before I give my initial feedback. Overall, I seem to give advice that may just be more convenient as a list of reference for what I may say:

  1. Believe in yourself
    • This is probably my most said saying. I remind myself of it each morning. If you do not have the belief that you can accomplish something, you are going to have a hard time fulfilling what you set out to do.
  2. Take time to listen
    • As I do, take the time to consider all facets of a situation. Consider it from all angles and see if you can come up with a different perspective. Be open, you may surprise yourself when you step out of your own shoes and into a new pair.
  3. Own what you say
    • I am still improving in this section of advice, yet say what you want to say and own it. It is your own thoughts and ideas that help you seek new adventures. Speak up and say statements with confidence and poise.
  4. Be comfortable with yourself
    • I once read an article that stated a challenge of going into a restaurant, sitting down, and having a meal all by yourself. It may not sound that challenging, but try it. Discovering that you are able to be your own company is refreshing, and being comfortable with your own presence will help you be more in touch with your own inner thoughts.
  5. There is a difference between being alone and being lonely
    • Especially while traveling or being on your own for a significant period of time, sometimes it may feel like you have nobody around; you are not alone, you are lonely, and you miss the people you may have been used to being around. Being alone is when you truly do not have someone to call up or find comfort in, if you truly find yourself in this situation dig deep into your own persona and find that inner strength to connect with someone you may have lost touch with. You may find you have more people around you than you thought.
  6. It is okay to say, “No.”
    • This one is common, but true, and I sometimes take it to the next level of saying no for the right reasons. If you can say yes but you just choose not to, then you may want to rethink your position, yet if you are struggling to find the time for a “Yes” or it would infringe on your own morale, then saying “No” is okay.
  7. Know your own worth
    • It is never acceptable to be treated with disrespect. Stand up for yourself. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission, which should be never.
  8. Smile
    • I occasionally catch myself in the mirror or a window with a frazzled expression on my face. I take a few seconds to remind myself that this is nothing I cannot handle. The next time I look up I give myself a second or two to compose and remind myself that a smile can make the day seem much more approachable.
  9. Be able to laugh at yourself
    • Sometimes you are going to mess up, it is fine. I am not a perfect human, nor am I expected to be, which many friends consistently remind me when I seem to have the world on my shoulders. I laugh a lot and that makes my faults seem like only stepping stones to get to the greater picture.
  10. Surround yourself with positive people
    • I grew up in a brilliant family where I am free to be myself and it is encouraged. Yet, school and work is a different situation. Be selective with the people you let into your life. Realize who you want to share your life with, and who you would rather keep as an acquaintance. Not everyone walks into your life for the right reasons, so be selective of who you allow to know your inner workings.

Take this advice as you wish, it is no scientific discovery nor is it proven to be life-proof in any way. These are my words of wisdom that I remind myself and others of, so I say these statements with the utmost positive intentions and values.



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